Eise Programm vun deene leschte Joren:


 MP3 The New Colonial March by Robert Browne Hall
 MP3 Tornado (Snare Drum Solo performed by Erik Larrea) by Mitch Marcovitch
  Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo, arr. Fran┴oise Sales-Molitor
  Rencontres by Alain Crepin
 MP3 The Mask of Zorro by James Horner, arr. Darrol Barry
 MP3 Reunion and Finale by Randy Edelman, arr. Lieuwe de Jong
 MP3 Disney's Magical Marches Robert B. & Richard M. Sherman, arr. Eric Osterling
  Aladdin by Alan Menken, arr. Frank Bernaerts
 MP3 Mary Poppins Selection by Robert B. & Richard M. Sherman
 MP3 Two Worlds by Phil Collins, arr. Takashi Hoshide
  The Bells of Notre Dame by Alan Menke & Stephen Schwartz, arr. André Waignein


  F & K Overture by Ivan Boumans
  « The Mission » (Gabriel’s Oboe) by Ennio Morricone, arr.: Frank Bernaerts
  Hard To Say I’m Sorry by David Foster & Peter Cetera, arr.: Thijs Oud
  Children Of Sanchez by Chuck Mangione, arr.: Naohiro Iwai
  « Out Of Africa » (You Are Karen) by John Barry, arr.: Frank Bernaerts
  Tenacity by Alain Crepin
  African Wildlife by Kees Vlak
  « Can You Feel The Love Tonight » by Elton John & Tim Rice, arr.: Frank Bernaerts
  African Symphony by Van McCoy, arr.: Naohiro Iwai
  Total Toto by Toto, arr.: Klaas Van der Woude


  The A-Team by Post / Carpenter, arr. Willy Hautvast
  Hymn to the Fallen by John Williams, arr. Philip Sparke
  Langstrump Samba by Jan Johansson / Astrid Lindgren, arr. John Blanken
  Golden Lady (Eis Gëlle Fra) by Goff Richards
  Tanz der Vampire by Jim Steinman, arr. Wolfgang Wössner
  A Klezmer Karnival by Philip Sparke
  China March by Robert Allmend
  Pirates of the Carribean by Klaus Badelt, arr. Ted Rickett
  The Blues Brothers Revue arr. Jay Bocook
  Back to the Future by Alan Silvestri, arr. Frank Bernaerts

Ofschloss-Concert vum Centenaire 2003/2004

  Exodus by G. Orsomando
  Virginia by Jacob de Haan
  The Two Imps by K.J. Alford (Duo for Xylophone)
  The Blues Factory by Jacob de Haan
  Fascinating Drums by Ted Huggens (Solo for Percussion)
  The Paper-Mills Bandsmen by Jef Penders

Gala Concert 2001/2002

  Exodus by Ernest Gold, arr. John Glenesk Mortimer
  Rivieren Cyclus
I. Rio Negro - II. Orinoco - III. Chubut
by Malando
arr. Kees Vlak
  Bolero by Maurice Ravel, arr. Christopher Wormald
  Ebben? ... ne Andro Lontano Film: DIVA by Alfredo Catalani
  Suite Espagnole
1. Allegro - 2. Habanera - 3. Andante - 4. Rondo
by Edouard Lalo
arr. Rita Defoort
  Benny Hill "Jackety Sax" by Rich-Randolph
  Visions Of Our Time by Rob Balford
  Back To The Future by Alan Silvestri, arr. Frank Bernaerts
  Ben Hur by Miklos Rozza, arr. John Glenesk Mortimer

Gala Concert 2000/2001

  Ascot by Rieks van der Velde
  Ballad (Solo for Bugle) by Ben Haemhouts
  Concertino for Xylophone and Orchestra   by Toshiro Mayuzumi
  Elisabeth - The Musical arr. by Johan de Meij
  Faesta Paesana by Jacob de Haan
  Händel Spectacular arr. by Rieks van der Velde
  Lord of the Dance arr. by Frank Bernaerts
  The Highlander by Norman Tailor
  Victory by Jacob de Haan

Fréijoersconcert 1999/2000

  Antonin's New World
  Missaguara Spirit
  Jam Session
 MP3 Ross Roy
 MP3 Symphonic Soul (Solo for Bugle & Xylophone)
  New Orleans Spectacular
  Latin Mood (Solo for Saxophone Alt)
  Cocktail Party

Gala Concert 1998/1999

  Ouverture de Carmen
  Budapest Impressions
  Le Calife de Bagdad
  Erinnerungen an Zirkus Renz (Solo for Xylophone)
  Finale from Symphony Nr. 5
  Dances with Wolves
  A Tribute to Lionel (Solo for Vibraphone)
  The Millenium Song
  Deep Purple Medley



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